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Maritess Zurbano

January 4 , 5 34 am

A new hypnosis testimonial from one of my clients!

Hey everyone welcome to my new blog. I wanted to open up with a testimonial from one of my clients:

Maritess is truly a master of her work.

I have worked with hypnotists before but have never been able to go under. This time it was so easy for me .

Maritess offered such trustworthiness and true deep understanding of my life issues and blockages, it was like I had known her for years. And I literally talked with her for one or two hours. Before my session I suffered from physically crippling panic attacks. I would literally be numb from head to toe and nauseous and would be unable to function. Sometimes I would even get tunnel vision and inability to speak.

Well, with one session, I was able to realize how these started—from witnessing an act of violence as a child—and I was able to work through why the physical issues would come on. I was trying to protect myself. Before this session I had no recall of witnessing the event—even though others told me I did see it. So I was able to find a way to remove this protection I made as a child, that was ultimately hurting me. Additionally, I was able to work up the courage to end a very destructive friendship. I got more assertive in my life.

I felt so free after this session and did some work that is still lasting.

I would say I went deep and reprogrammed some deep fears .

I felt completely in control, as if I were watching from the outside. I knew I could stop at any time. A few times I needed to take breaths or breaks and she was very supportive of me guiding my own work and working at my own pace.

Maritess has a keen and highly intuitive nature, and I can say I live today without the physical panic attacks. A life changer for sure.

Elle Borsodi


Maritess Zurbano

January 6, 2023. 10:10 am

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Maritess Zurbano

January 6, 2023. 10:08 am

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